RDC Menu Version History


NEW – Support for Apple Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
NEW – Added support for new security features in MS RDC 2.0 beta 2
UPDATED – RDC Menu Bookmarks window to more closely resemble layout in MS RDC 2.0 beta
UPDATED – Kagi purchase engine for Leopard
BUGFIX – Fixed MS RDC 2.0 launch without connect for correct server
BUGFIX – Fixed problems launching when preference file was missing, or had invalid entries
BUGFIX – Fixed missing menu icon for RDC Menu Changes

NEW – Support for Apple Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard)
NEW – Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection version 2.0 beta 2
NEW – Advanced preference pane renamed RDC Client
NEW – RDC Client preference pane auto-detects RDC clients if there are no RDC clients assigned
NEW – RDC Client preference pane allows unlimted number of clients in the list
NEW – RDC Menu Change History window
BUGFIX – RDC Client preference pane now loads correctly on all machines
BUGFIX – RDC Menu launches RDC clients correctly on Leopard
BUGFIX – RDC Menu bookmarks window action menu correctly draws menu icon on Leopard

NEW Support for Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection version 2.0 beta
NEW Support for CoRD 0.4x
NEW Import for Microsoft RDC version 2.0 settings files
NEW Export for Microsoft RDC version 2.0 settings files
NEW Save Microsoft RDC version 2.0 passwords to the Keychain
NEW Save CoRD passwords to the Keychain
NEW Advanced preference pane detects all RDC Clients
NEW Advanced preference pane allow an easy toggle between RDC Clients
NEW Advanced preference pane shows more details about the currently selected RDC client
NEW Advanced preference pane reveal in Finder button
NEW updated connect to console changes for Microsoft RDC version 2.0
BUGFIX Bookmarks menu now resorts when changing the menu sort order preference without a relaunch.

NEW applications Bookmarks Menu has command key assigned to first ten bookmarks. (command key + number)
NEW Menu items to expand bookmark window options.
NEW Import dialog allows multiple bookmarks selection, no longer only one at a time
BUGFIX Problems dismissing splash screen on Intel Macs.
BUGFIX Problems opening Preferences and Registration on Intel macs.

NEW Bookmarks now show inline on the status menu (much requested).
NEW Bookmarks now have a separate menu in the application (much requested).
NEW Action Menu on Bookmarks Window. Contextual Menu for all current actions.
NEW Action Menu allows for Import and Export of Bookmarks when running RDC Menu as a background only app.
NEW Selecting Connect from Bookmark menu or Bookmark window now really does launch RDC and tries to connect.
NEW Hold down Option key to launch RDC without connecting. (same as old connect behavior)
NEW Reveal RDC in Finder instead of Launch RDC when holding option key.
NEW Changed Connect Bookmark icon, added alternate icon for Launch when holding option key.
BUGFIX Bookmarks menu now resorts when changing the menu sort order preference without a relaunch.
BUGFIX Fixed problem storing password to keychain. RDC now correctly works with RDC Menu stored passwords.
BUGFIX Selecting Fullscreen properly enables/disables size options.
BUGFIX Unchecking Start Program checkbox clears Program Path and Start Folder fields.
BUGFIX Fixed a small memory leak.

Added Multi-Bookmark export to standard RDC settings files.
Added warning at launch for 10.4 and higher only.
Fixed a few minor bug where the splash window wouldn’t always dismiss
Fixed a bug where the right click modifier key preferences were not
read by RDC.
Fixed bug when closing the Bookmarks window the status menu still showed the menu as Hide, instead of Show
Added icons to the Status Menu items
Fixed issue with the icon on the Bookmarks database file not showing up.

Many new features.
New Bookmarks Window to manage your RDC connections.
New Bookmarks menu to connect directly to a server
New Toolbar for Preferences. Added many new preference options.
New Setup Assistant.
RDC Menu is now a shareware application,
works in non-pay mode, but is limited in features
Bookmarks stored in CoreData XML database
Searchable bookmarks, to quickly narrow down the list if you have
a lot of RDC Bookmarks.
Import and Export from standard RDC settings files
Drag export of bookmarks.
Updated Help files for version 2.00
Sparkle framework for version checking.
Kagi for shareware payments
Most of RDC Menu 2 is ready for locaization, will add additional
languages in future versions.

Mac OS X Universal Binary.
Changed RDC launch to improve reliability.
Automatically detects install location of Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application.

Fixed issue when quitting RDC Menu or removing the status menu and the menu bar did not update to fill in the blank space if RDC Menu had other items to the left of it.
Fixed problem with check for update at launch preferences were not always working.
Made update check at launch it’s own thread.
Switched to a monochrome icon to closer match the other status menus.
Added an alternate icon to show when the status menu was clicked. (Thanks to John Dailey for both of those suggestions and making the icon)
Added menu to select favorite menu bar icon.

Fixed Launch at login bug where the login item was added, but the path was incorrect.
Fixed issues in the help system layout.
Fixed dialog in the check for update where if you were up-to-date, it told you that you were, but presented the wrong version in the dialog.


Added logic to the Dock/Menu Bar change to add or remove status menu without a relaunch, and only ask for the relaunch when totally necessary.
Added basic help features


Rewrote update checking engine code to be more flexible and reusable in other applications
Added option to check for updates at launch time
Added relaunch for Dock/Menu Bar change
Started adding localization for English
Added tooltips to Preference Panel
Minor interface tweeks.


Added option to appear in the Dock
Fixed update checking logic
Fixed preference screen layout


Added options to pick RDC Menu style (icon, text, icon and text).


Added option to Launch at login and adds itself to the login items
Changed to Xutils.com
Built web site


Added Preference file checking at first launch
Added It won’t let you close the preference window until you specify the location of Remote Desktop Connection
Added welcome for first launch, with basic instructions
Moved Preferences and About into single tabbed window with Welcome
Added check for version update button to preferences
Changed menu bar Icon
Fixed Finder icon transparency issues


Initial version that was available for download.
Basic functionality worked.
Not very pretty, but it worked.